3D Baby Cake: a Short Tutorial


This 3D baby cake will suit a baby shower or first birthday occasion. Use an inner support structure to create a large head on top of a small body.



  • Wooden board or Hardboard or MDF board
  • 1-2 cm (½ -1 in.) thick wooden dowel, 15 cm (6 in.) long
  • Two 15 cm (6 in.) cake boards
  • Two 15 cm (6 in.) round cakes each 5 cm (2 in.) high
  • Three 12 cm (5 in.) cakes each 5 cm (2 in.) high
  • Melted chocolate
  • Ganache or buttercream for filling the cakes
  • Ganache to coat the cakes
  • Skin colour fondant (sugar paste) for the head, arms and legs
  • Light blue fondant  (sugar paste) for the body
  • Small amounts of dark blue, black, red and white fondant
  • Brown gel food colouring
  • Dark chocolate fondant (sugar paste) or modelling chocolate
  • Light blue and dark blue fondant for the tag
  • Light yellow fondant to cover the board





Step 1:

Drill a hole in the centre of a square board but do not drill through all the way. Squeeze hot glue into the hole and place the wooden dowel inside, holding it in place until the glue starts to cool, and it feels secure.

Brush the dowel with melted chocolate to make it food-safe.


Fill the 12 cm (5 in.) cakes and push them onto the dowel. Carve into a teardrop shape and coat with ganache.


Drill a hole through the centre of one of the small round boards. Place the board over the dowel. Squeeze glue onto the top of the dowel and on the board and then place the other round board on top of the dowel pushing the round board underneath up to the top board. Hold the boards tightly so that they attach to each other and the dowel. Place a leveller on the top of the boards to make sure that they are level before the glue sets completely.

Brush the dowel and boards with melted chocolate to make the structure food-safe.


Divide each 15 cm (6 in.) cake layer and stack them on top of the boards with filling in between the layers.

Place a small dollop of ganache or icing on the back of a template and stick it on the front of the cake. Carve the sides of the cake with a serrated knife following the template.



Step 2:

Place the template against each side of the cake and carve the cake following the template until it looks like a rounded head. Also, carve out a mouth.



Step 3:

Coat the head with ganache and place a small button nose on the face, made from modelling chocolate.



Step 4:

Cover the head with skin tone fondant (sugar paste) and add features such as ears. Mark where the eyes will be placed.

Cover the body with light blue fondant (sugar paste), mark stitching with a stitching wheel and add dark blue polka dots.



Step 5:

Add eyes, black inside the mouth, a small red tongue, two bottom teeth and paint in eyebrows and lashes with brown gel food colouring.



Step 6:

Place light yellow fondant (sugar paste) over the board to look like fabric. Attach arms and legs to the body. Make a teddy bear and place him under one arm. Make a tag from light blue fondant (sugar paste) using cutters and press letters from dark blue fondant (sugar paste). Attach the letters to the tag with water or edible glue and place the tag on the board.


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