Spiral Collar Tutorial


I made this cake for my friend’s birthday. She is also expecting her first baby. This cake would also be suitable for a modern baby shower or christening.




1x 15cm (6 in.) round filled cake

1 round 25 cm (10 in.) cake board

600 g (1lb 5¼ oz) chocolate ganache coating (2-3 parts chocolate to 1 part cream)

Chocolate paste collar made with:

      350 g (10¾ oz) white chocolate paste (modelling chocolate)

      200 g (7 oz) dark chocolate paste (modelling chocolate)

      200 g (7 oz) pink chocolate paste (modelling chocolate)

Baby made with:

      30 g (1 oz) flesh coloured chocolate paste (modelling chocolate) or modelling paste (gum paste)

      15 g (½ oz) pink chocolate paste (modelling chocolate) or modelling paste (gum paste)

       Pink and brown dusting powder

       Baby mould available from firstimpressionsmoulds (International) or Amazon (UK)

Apricot jam, sugar syrup or water




Scraper tool

Greaseproof paper

Plastic cling wrap


Non-stick cooking spray or white vegetable fat (shortening)

Cutting mat


Sharp knife

Wooden kebab skewer


Assembling and decorating the cake:

1)  To make the baby press the flesh coloured chocolate into the mould. Place the mould into the freezer for 15 minutes for the chocolate paste to firm and then unmould the baby.

2)  Dust the baby’s features with brown and pink dusting powder to make her more life-like.

3)  Roll out the pink chocolate between two pieces of plastic cling wrap or in a zip-lock bag until very thin and cut out a triangle with a knife to cover the baby’s bottom.

4)  Roll out more paste and cut the paste into strips with a ruler and sharp knife.

5)  Pleat the paste by rolling over the paste with a wooden kebab skewer.

6)  Attach the pleated paste to the baby’s bottom with apricot jam, sugar syrup or water if it does not stick by itself.

7)  Place a small headband and blossom around her head.     

8)  Coat the cake with dark chocolate ganache coating.

9)  Smooth the coating into an even layer with a scraper or spatula. You can dip your spatula into boiled water to smooth the ganache.

10)  Roll out 150g (5¼ oz) of the white chocolate paste on a piece of greaseproof paper and using your cake tin as a guide cut out a round circle for the top of the cake with a sharp knife. Set aside the excess paste to use later.

11)  Place the circle on top of the cake and cut of any uneven edges with a sharp knife.

12)  Use 200g (7 oz) of white, dark and pink paste to make a spiral roll. (Instructions on how to make a spiral roll is available in my book Katrien’s Cakes or Decorating Cakes with Chocolate)

13)  Cut the spiral roll into even pieces.

14)  Measure the height and circumference of your cake and add 5mm ( in.) to the height and 2.5 cm (1 in.) to the circumference and cut a piece of greaseproof paper to this size (this is the same technique that you would use when making a chocolate collar).

15)  Spray the greaseproof paper with non-stick cooking spray or coat with white vegetable fat (shortening).

16)  Place the spiral rounds onto the paper.

17)  Fill any holes with the leftover white paste.

18)  Place another piece of greaseproof paper or plastic cling wrap over the paste and roll over it to blend all the seams together.

19)  Using a ruler and sharp knife cut the paste collar evenly using the paper template as your guide.

20)  Lift up the collar and bend it around your cake (similar to making a chocolate collar).

21)  Where the ends meet, place them over each other and with a sharp knife cut through both layers of paste. Open up the collar and take out the bottom piece of excess paste and the top piece of excess paste so that you get a smooth joint. Rub over the joint to seal the seam.

22)  Pinch the top edge of the collar with your fingers to give it a softer frilly look.

23)  Brush apricot jam, sugar syrup or water over the cake board.

24)  Mix all the leftover paste together, it will look slightly marbled.

25)  Roll out pieces of paste and lay them on the board to look like fabric.

26)  Neaten the edges of the board by cutting off any overhanging paste.

27)  Place a ribbon around the board.

28)  Place the baby on top of the cake.


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