Chocolate Cat Tutorial

This cat is quick to make and you don’t need any special tools. You can make this cat from chocolate paste (modelling chocolate) or modelling paste (gum paste). I made a tortoiseshell cat but you could change the colour of the cat's fur to black, grey or white.




For this project you will need the following:


± 50 g (2 oz) in total of Dark chocolate, orange and yellow chocolate paste for the body, head and tail

± 5 g (⅙ oz) Pink chocolate paste for the nose

± 5 g (⅙ oz) White chocolate paste for the whiskers

± 5 g (⅙ oz) Black chocolate paste for the eyes






Wooden kebab stick

White gel colouring




1. Mix the dark chocolate, orange and yellow paste together so that you have a marbled ball of paste.

2. Pinch off a small ball of paste, the size of a marble to make the cat’s head. Pinch off a piece of paste the size of four marbles placed together or about 30 g (1 oz) to make the cat’s body and pinch off a small piece of paste to make the cat’s tail.

3. Roll the biggest piece of paste into a sausage and slice open the two sides of the paste with a knife.

4. Pinch the four legs with your fingers to round them and then sit the body upright and tuck two legs to the side of the body.

5. Pull the other two legs forward between the hind legs and mark the paws with a toothpick or wooden skewer.

6. Also mark the top of the front legs with a toothpick or wooden skewer.

7. Pinch the sides of the small marble-sized ball to form ears and mark the inside of the ears with the flat side of a wooden kebab skewer.

8. Push a toothpick into the paste to mark the eyes.

9. Cut a tiny triangle out of pink paste and place it in the middle of the cat’s face.

10. Roll two small balls of white paste and place them next to the nose. Mark the paste with a toothpick to look like whiskers.

11. Roll two tiny balls of black paste and place them over the holes made for the eyes, they should be slightly oval.

12. Dip the end of a toothpick into white gel colouring and mark the eyes.

13. Make a hole into the back of the cat’s body with a wooden kebab skewer and roll the tail so that it has a sharp point at each end.


14. Place the sharpest point of the tail into the hole in the body.

15. Roll a small ball of marbled paste and place on top of the body for the cat’s neck.

16. Place the cat’s head on top of the neck.

17. The chocolate paste should stick to itself but if any of the pieces feels loose you could attach it with a tiny drop of melted chocolate.

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