Chocolate Peony


Make this mock peony if you need a quick flower for a cake, you could use chocolate paste (modelling chocolate), modelling paste or flower paste (gum paste) to make it.



± 130 g (4½ oz) Chocolate paste (modelling chocolate) coloured red (about ⅓ of the recipe in my book)



A small, medium and large scone or fluted cutter available at most grocery shops


Small non-stick roller available at yuppiechef (RSA), globalsugarart (USA) or squires-shop (UK)

Muffin tray

Cling wrap

Paintbrush or wooden kebab skewer

Dessert spoon wrapped in cling wrap

Assembling the peony:


1)         Roll out the red chocolate paste on cling wrap or on thick plastic with the non-stick roller or if the paste sticks to the roller place another piece of cling wrap on top of the paste to roll on.

2)         Cut out 5 circles with the biggest fluted cutter.

3)         Cut the circles into petal shapes with a sharp knife.

4)         Press the end of a paintbrush or wooden kebab skewer into each petal to make grooves.

5)         Mould each petal on the covered dessert spoon and bend the edges slightly inwards.

6)         Place the 5 petals in a circle and press the pointed ends together in the middle.

7)         Knead all the leftover paste pieces together and make 5 more petals using the medium sized cutter.

8)         Place the 5 medium petals in a circle on the first row of petals overlapping them.

9)         Lift the flower and place in a cling wrap lines muffin-hole so that the shape becomes rounded.

10)       Make 5 petals using the smallest cutter and place them together in a circle.

11)       Lift the small flower and place it into the bigger flower bending the petals where necessary so that it fits snugly.

12)       Make 3 petals using the smallest cutter. Cut out the petals with a knife but keep the leftover pieces.

13)       Place the off-cut pieces together and press them to each other so that it sticks.

14)       Roll up the long paste piece so that it forms the centre of the flower. Bend the small petals over each other.

15)       Place the 3 petals around the centre and cut off the bottom if it looks too big to fit inside the flower.

16)       Place the centre piece into the flower and press it onto the petals with the end of a paintbrush or wooden kebab skewer.

17)       Bend the petals slightly inwards to give the flower a more natural look.

18)       The chocolate paste should stick easily to itself but if any of the petals or flower pieces feels loose you could attach them to each other with a drop of melted chocolate.

19)       Attach the flower to your cake with a drop of melted chocolate.

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