Making Croissants


My husband is the first to admit that he can barely make toast.


He does love to barbeque meat and makes great pizzas but stays as far away from the kitchen as he possibly can. Until inspiration struck; so with a little inspiration from our local baking program Koekedoor, and a lot of help from the fantastic Craftsy class: Classic Croissants at Home he was able to create these delicious croissants and cruffins.


I am so proud of him, and I promise I did not help.


Step 1:

Make and knead dough.


Step 2:

Fold in butter and roll out dough.


Step 3:

Cut triangles and roll croissants.


Step 4:

Place croissants on baking tray (sheet).


Step 5:

Place croissants into the holes of a muffin-tin to make cruffins.


Step 6:

Bake croissants.


Step 7:

Bake cruffins.


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