Damask Cookies

These cookies are ideal to make as a quick gift. I used a square cookie cutter to cut out the cookies but you could use any cutter of your choice.





Sugar cookies (use your favourite recipe)

± 30 g (1 oz) Sugar paste (fondant), marshmallow fondant or chocolate paste (modelling chocolate) per cookie

Apricot jam or piping gel

Powder food colouring mixed with melted white vegetable fat (shortening)/ clear alcohol or gel food colouring




Pastry brush


White vegetable fat (shortening)

Cutting mat

Cookie cutters such as Ateco double sided cookie cutters from amazon (International)

Small paintbrush

Damask stamp avalable from scrap-a-doodles (RSA) or amazon (International)

No.2 piping nozzle/ tube

Small piece of felt (optional) (not shown)


Assembling and decorating the cookies:


1. Spread a cutting mat with white vegetable fat (shortening) and roll out the sugar paste (fondant) or chocolate paste using two rulers to guide your rolling pin to roll out the paste to an even thickness. Lift the paste often so that it does not stick to the mat or roll it out between two pieces of cling wrap or in a zip-lock bag. Roll out enough paste for two cookies at a time.

2. Brush powdered food colouring mixed with melted white vegetable fat (shortening)/ clear alcohol or gel food colouring on the stamp with a small paintbrush until the stamp is evenly covered.

3. If preferred, place a small piece of felt on a side plate or lid of a plastic container and pour the thinned food colouring onto the felt. Place the stamp on the felt to transfer the colouring as you would use an ink pad.

4. Place the stamp on the paste and press lightly on the stamp to transfer the food colouring but do not press too hard as the stamp could leave an impression in the paste. Quickly lift off the stamp to reveal the stamped design.

5. Place the cookie cutter over the stamped designs and make sure that each design is in the middle of the cutter.

6. Cut out the paste and press the tip of a no.2 piping nozzle/ tube into the scallops or edges of the paste to make decorative holes.

7. Brush the top of each cookie with apricot jam or piping gel and place the paste on the cookies.

8. Store your finished cookies in an airtight container. Make sure that the stamp motifs are dry before packaging the cookies.

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